Homework for the Weekend

1. Go to a park, beach, grassy area or wherever. Take your shoes off and walk around. Feel the wet grass or gritty sand. Feel all the undulations of the ground, notice your foot bending stretching and conforming to whatever it is walked on. Feel different textures, walk on exposed tree roots, walk on gravel roads or climb on some rocks and feel the smooth hardness of each rock. Pay attention to all of the senses your feet are going through. There are so many nerves in your feet and they need to be exercised and stimulated. Our feet are becoming out of shape due to stuffing them in shoes and socks everyday all day long. Kick back, relax, take your shoes off and walk around.

2. Go to a park and play on the playground. Forget about looking silly, who will see you or acting like a kid. If you have a kid, even better because you have an excuse but if not, do it anyway. Look at playground equipment, it is designed for you to jump, climb, swing, pull and slide. Climb up the cargo nets, slide down the slide, climb the pole and swing across the monkey bars. I guarantee the monkey bars will be 10 times harder than you last remembered them. Last but not least swing on the swing set. Nothing will be make you feel young and like a kid again than the swings. It will bring back so many childhood memories.

3. Dance. You can go out to a club, do ballroom or just do it in your own living room. I like to put some music on in my living room and dance around in front of or with my baby girl. Dancing is a great whole body workout while working the hips and stomach. And besides it is fun. One of my good friends once told me if you look at people dance they only have 2 faces: a really serious face or a really funny face. Go with the funny face, lighten up, mess around and try out new moves. Move, bend and stretch that body.  Shake those hips.

4. Hydrotherapy. This one will be tough for most of you but it is extremely beneficial for your body. When you are taking your shower which for almost all of us is usually pretty hot, turn the water to cold for as long as you can. You can either get out right after that or turn it back to hot again. Try alternating between the two. Another way is to hop from a hot tub into a cold pool or running out into the ocean.  Hydrotherapy is great for shocking the body but also redistributing your blood from the skin to the organs and vice versa.

These are just activities I think you can do that will help enhance the quality of your life.  Be brave and try something new.  Try to do at least one of the homework assignments above. Feeling ambitious?  Try all 4.  Get outside, keep moving and enjoy life.


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