2012 FINA World Diving Cup

It is time for diving Friday again.  This meet comes from London, England at the pool in which the olympics will be held at.  In order to judge a dive, it is broken down into 5 different parts; the approach, the hurdle, the take off, the execution and the entry.  The goal in diving is to jump as high as you can, spin as fast as you can and get the dive done as soon as possible so you have enough time to come out and nail the entry.  The hurdle and the take off are the most crucial parts of the dive.  If your hurdle is off like say leaning forward, then the makes the dive lean forward and a lot harder to control.  The best spot to land is on the tip of the springboard and if you listen close it should not make a sound when the diver lands on the board or leaves the board.  There is your insight to knowing what to look for when the olympics come around.


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