Things I am thinking about

I think minimal shoes are hugely popular right now and I believe it is a movement that it is here to stay.  I think the science supports the need for a minimal sole and better mobility for the feet and ankle.  The foot is not suppose to be locked into place with a 3 inch sole of rubber separating you from the ground all the while your prosthetic shoe inserts are helping to prevent your arch from collapsing.  If you spend more time barefooted and in minimal shoes, I feel this will help strengthen all of your  muscles and ligaments of the foot and trust me, there is a butt load of them.  I love that everyone is joining in on the band wagon.  Nike, New Balance, Puma, Adidas and I think Reebok all have a version out now.  Vibrams’ I believe are the original and are the absolute best.  Go out and look into a new pair of your own.  Your feet will appreciate the workout.

I think coconut is rising the charts as one of the most useful fruits.  I think people are realizing how great tasting and healthy this natural fruit is.  With coconut milk, water and oil all out there, I believe it makes a great natural substance to use daily.  Tired of drinking water all the time like myself? Reach for a coconut water.  It gives you are nice sweet sugary taste with loads of potassium and vitamin B.  One of the reason I was hesitant to jump on the coconut band wagon is because I have never like the taste and texture of coconut.  The water and the milk do not have that sharp coconut taste like I remember.  Coconut oil is really great to use in the kitchen to cook with.  It adds great flavor to any dish, it is great at high temperatures and it is a fantastic healthy fat.

I think we as a nation are over-stimulated both visually and chemically.  I think we are on the computer, TV and the phone way too much.  We are taking in too much light from screens and not enough from the sun.  I think we are a country run on low calorie, high sugar energy drinks.  I think if you eat right, exercise, eat well, and sleep there would be no reason to consume such beverages.  It is mainly diet.  If you are tired, go for a walk or take a nap, do not reach for an energy stimulating drink.

I think we are slowly losing our connection with the earth.  I think with our daily commutes, jobs inside office buildings and long hours inside, we do not get out enough and experience this fantastic planet.  I think it should be mandatory for everyone to spend at least 1 hour outside everyday.  Preferably at park, open field, wilderness, hiking trail, pool, backyard, frontyard, wherever or even just outside your door, regardless of the weather conditions.  I think we need to feel the wind, rain, snow and hail.  We need to feel the warmth of the sun and know what it is like to be hot as well as we need to be in the cold.  I think we need to get dirty, play in the sand, play in the mud, climb trees and get bumps, bruises and scrapes.

I think we should work less.

I think we have all this great technology to stay even more connected than ever but in actuality we are far from it.  I think we need to talk to people more in person than via text or email.  Everyone checks their phone every 5 minutes and panics if it goes missing for 2 minutes.  Whatever happened to the days where your home phone rang with no caller ID and you answered it and were pleased and surprised to hear from that person?  We can live without our phones, trust me.

I think joy, kindness and compassion are missing from today’s world.  I look around and I see so many people unhappy with no joy or love in their life.  I think we need to slow down and be more sincere.  I see a lot of people with all the money in the world, nice car, huge house and all the material possessions they could ever need and they are unhappy and miserable.  Take joy in your life, in your work and whatever it is you are doing.  I think we need to work on being more kind, friendlier and smile more.  I walk by people everyday and receive no expression, greeting or smile and it kills me.  I want to engage them, I want to say hi, it is in our nature to,but these people just look past me and do not give me the time of day.

I think we need to eat less and move more.  The obesity epidemic is growing bigger everyday (pun intended).  I think ALL escalators need to become extinct or out or order.  If your legs work, use the stairs.  I think we need to take joy in movement just like you did as a kid.

These are just some of my thoughts swimming around my head throughout the day.


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