Diving Bloopers

It’s Friday again and it is time for another installment of diving Friday.  This week I am going to show you the other side of diving, the painful, bruising, and blistering side.  I am talking about smacks or bloopers.  In diving terms, it is smacking.  One of the things about diving is the fear of the unknown, not quite sure how a new dive is particularly going to go.  You hope and pray all will go well and you will land on your head or feet.   Oh but that is not always the case.  You can get lost in a twister, come out late on a call from your coach or you can just slip out of your pike or tuck and the next thing you know you are horizontal on the water.  SMACK!!!!  I have had my fair share of smacks in my day.  Yes they do hurt but you get over them and move on.  One of the reasons why I think divers are a little demented is that even though we may eat crap on a dive, it will never deter us from trying again and again until we master it.  Constant pursuit of perfection.

Happy Friday all and remember it could always be worse, you could land like some of these people in the video.


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