Super Spartan Pictures

One of the neat things about the obstacle course races is that they have photographers on the course to capture you in your element.  Whether it be jumping over fire, scaling a wall, crawling under barbed wire or running through mud, they capture all the struggle, sweat and dirt with just one click of the camera.  I competed in the Super Spartan race last Saturday and let me tell you my friends, it was the hardest race I have completed yet.  The tough mudder may be longer by 4 miles but this one had so much more hills and more gnarly obstacles.

I did like this race because it had some great obstacles.  They had a tire carry where you had to pick a tire and carry it up and around a hill and back.  Bucket carry, really similar to the tire, you had to fill a bucket up 3/4 with sand and carry it.  There was a rope climb in which you had to climb the rope and hit a bell at the top.  There was this interesting one that was a rock drag.  There were these huge stones with a hole drilled in it and a rope tied through it and you had to drag it through sand, water, and then mud.  It was pretty tough.  You had to pull these buckets filled with sand up to the top of a 20 foot high pulley hand over hand.  We had to roll under 2ft high barbed wire for about 40 yards.  This was really dizzying and crappy.  Then, when you are getting near the end, when you can literally see the finish line they throw a humdinger at you.  Here they took your standard old rowing machine and put them vertical.  They made two independent handles and you had to pull on them until you cleared 200 meters.  Freaking rough.

For a more play by play detailed analysis check out my good friend and running mate Kyle’s website Bare5.  We completed the whole thing in just under 2 hours and 25 minutes, one hour slower than the fasted time.  Kudos to that person, you are one finally conditioned athlete.

All in all it was a great race and lots of fun.  I was able to enjoy running up and down through the mountains, mud, wind, and water with a great friend.  My KSO vibrams I wore did a great job and helped me perform very well.  Looking forward to the next one.

Rock the Hawk!


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