Challenge of the week

Every week at my gym I have created a challenge of the week board in which all the clients have to give their best effort in whatever exercises I list.  Sometimes it is a shuttle run, or maximum push up contest or lateral hops over a hurdle.  This week it is 3 parts, 2 rounds for time of: 50 rope waves, 10 burpees off the power plate and 10 jumps on and off the power plate.  I currently hold the record at 59.59 seconds.  A quick side note, most of these videos you see me going high intensity and extremely hard.  I do not train like this all the time, I do have workouts where I just move around, lift some weights and move my body.  Those videos are soon to come.  For now, I like to show you guys the intensity you should have in your training.  Happy Friday and happy training.  Go after it and get it.


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