Food for thought

Winter time is upon us which means long, dark nights, shorter days, colder temperatures, snow for some of you, and the dreaded flu season.  Just wanted to  give a quick note to some things I was thinking about most of them dealing with food and eating:

  • Bacon and eggs are underrated and all the old information you have heard about them is probably false.  The two combined make an amazing meal and separate they are just as good.  Bacon is a great protein and fat source. Forget all you have heard about how it is high in fat.  It is a good fat, your body needs it, you will feel more full for eating it which will keep you less likely to snack on other empty calorie foods.  You don’t get fat from eating fat.  Whole eggs are one of the best forms of protein you can ingest.  Low calorie, super high in protein and vitamins, easily digestible, and very nutritious.  EAT THE WHOLE EGG.  No more of this egg whites only garbage.  Majority of the of all the good stuff is in the yolk.  Eggs and egg yolks are not responsible for high cholesterol, you can thank most of that processed food for that.  Besides whole eggs can be consumed a variety of different ways with multiple ingredients.  Enjoy in abundance.  I eat 4 whole eggs almost everyday.
  • Slow down when eating.  Take your time, chew, enjoy your food.  I am always one of the last people to finish eating and it is because I take my time.  Put your fork down after every bite and this will slow the process down.  It’s not only good for your digestion but also your taste buds and your peace of mind.  Enjoy the experience.
  • Do not drink when eating.  Try to not drink any liquid during your meal.  You can have a little bit of water before and after but very little during.  Here is a great link from Bare 5 that will tell you why.
  • Eat only what is in season.  Most of your fruits are not in season during the winter unless you live in southern California like me.  Oranges and grapefruits are in season which is good because we all could need a little extra vitamin C.  Eat more vegetables and meats.  Look into making homemade soups or maybe just throw a bunch of vegetables and  roast into a crockpot and simmer it all day.  Easy meal.
  • Take advantage of the longer nights and hit the hay a little earlier.  Turn off all overhead lights and ALL cell phones or computer screens an hour before bedtime.  Let your body unwind naturally without any stimulus.  You want a real challenge, see how long you can lasts before snoozing by reading a book by candlelight.  Im guessing not too long.
  • Still get outside.  Even though it might be cold, everyone need to spend at least 15 minutes outside everyday, hopefully walking.  If you can manage to get out there when the sun is out, even better.  Vitamin D is still very important to get during these winter seasons.

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