Tabata Sprints

Here is a video of me showing you how to do sprints on the treadmill.  You want to get shredded, melt the fat, and jack up your metabolic rate?  Then add a sprint routine into your program twice a week.  I would recommend warming up first by walking for 5 minutes  then hop off to the side and increase the speed of the treadmill.  Ladies you probably want to start at 8 mph and increase to 10 mph.  Guys you can start at 10 mph and increase to 12.  When you are ready, hop on and run for 15 to 20 seconds and hop off to the side.  If you fun for 20 seconds, rest for 40 so that way you are going every minute on the minute.  Start slow and only do 5 sprints your first time out.

Always have the treadmill on 3% incline or greater.  This helps make up for the mechanical advantage of the treadmill.  Obviously, if you want to make this more challenging you can: 1) Increase the speed 2) Increase the incline or 3) Decrease the rest time.  In the video you can hear a faint beep and that is my GYM BOSS timer set for tabata intervals.  Tabata training is designed for 20 seconds of work followed by 10 second recovery.  Tabata training is a great way to add some much needed intensity to your workout and can be used for any exercise.

Good luck to you and happy sprinting.


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