Daily Affirmations

Enclosed is a copy of my newly updated daily affirmations.  This is a list that is posted on my bathroom mirror which I read EVERYDAY while I am brushing my teeth.  I believe it jump starts your mind to get an early start on the goals you want to achieve in life, however big or small they may be.  I am not ashamed or embarrassed to share this list with you.  I display it proudly.

What are your goals?  What have you always wanted to do or go?

Write it down, post it somewhere you can see it everyday and read it once in the morning and once at night.  My last list before I updated it had 4 goals with a date behind it, and as you can see I  completed 3 out of the 4.  Keep your goals specific.  You want to lose 10 lbs?  Okay, when? And How?  If you put a date behind it you are more inclined to work harder to achieve that goal.


  1.             I will Earn $100,000
  2.              I will Start a club diving team
  3.              I will Get my own pool
  4.              I will become a College Strength coach
  5.              I will Read 2 books a month
  6.              I will Be a great husband
  7.              I will Be a great father
  8.               I will Go somewhere new once a month
  9.               I will train 150 Trainings a month
  10.                 I will Do something active everyday
  11.                 I will Become a master’s diving Champion
  12.                 I will Own a house with a yard
  13.                 I will Get 1% better everyday
  14.                 I will Laugh more
  15.                 I will Give more in everything
  16.                 I will Spend more time with loved ones
  17.                 I will Give 100% in Every Training Session
  18.                 I will Make that connection
  19.                 I will enjoy 10 minutes of quiet time everyday
  20.                 I will Surf more
  21.                 I will Smile
  22.                 I will Always BELIEVE in yourself
  23.                  I will Take more risks
  24.                 I will Save $8,000 by Dec 31st, 2012
  25.                 I will Get PES certified by Dec 31st, 2012
  26.                 I will Always be happy, energetic and positive
  27.                 I will Always be grateful

Let’s get is started the right way in 2012.  Peace, love and God Bless yall.



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