2011 in Review

As the year closes, I always like to look back and do a year of review.  2011 was a big year for changes for not only me but for a lot of my family and friends.  2011 brought about the birth of my beautiful daughter Devon who has brought me so much joy already.  Within the first 3 months of her being born, I decided to change gyms, going from a steady 35-40 hours a week down to 18.  One would say this was not the best time to do this but in actuality it was the greatest time of my life ever.  

I was able to be there and watch Devon grow and progress and be a part of her life at such an early age.  Sometimes it is okay to not work so hard and enjoy the little things in your life.  The reason for me changing jobs was because two of my great friends decided to open up their own gym, POWER Fitness.  POWER Fitness is the best gym in the orange county with the best equipment and the best trainers.  I have been able to really grow as a trainer, excel and have a great stress free time in doing so.  The best place I have ever worked at hands down.  Around this same time, my brother Jonathan who had been living with us for the past 4 years finally got a place of his own.  Jonathan getting his own place was one of the best things to happen to him.  It has been fantastic watching him become a man and finally come into his own.

With 2011 coming to an end, I say thank you 2011 for giving us another great year, keeping us safe, and providing us with so many great memories and cherished experiences.  I am excited and ready for 2012.  I say “Bring it on!”  I am ready to dominate 2012 and make it a very successful and prosperous year.  How about you?  What are you going to do this upcoming year that will be different than any other year?  How are you going to make it different?

Stay positive, stay active, stay motivated and focused.  Bring on 2012 with open arms and welcome everything it throws at you.  Finish strong.

Leave you with one of my favorite quotes:

“There is no finish line”


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