The Dash

I went to a funeral the other day at the cemetary and I was reading all of the headstone dates. They all said similar things like rest in peace, loved father, brother, sister, grandmother and from 1940 – 2008 etc. It got me thinking about what those people did in that tiny non-existent dash. We celebrate the birth and we mourn the death but what about that dash? That dash is where life happens. Maybe they went to war, or college, or the olympics, maybe they were a lawyer, doctor, school teacher, maybe they were something hugely significant or just an everyday worker, maybe they were a father or mother to a bunch of kids.  That dash, although insignificant on the tombstone, is extremely fulfilled with so much love, friends, laughs, good times and memories that it renders itself priceless.

What do you want to do in that dash? How do you want to be remembered? Who would show up for your funeral and what would they say? Sometimes I wish people could have a roast or almost fake funeral so they could hear all of the good stuff people would say about them, like how much they were loved, missed, and cherished. So you could see the pain in their eyes and know how special of the friends you really have. What good does it do to hear all of that after the fact you have moved on and can not personally hear it if you are dead? It makes me want to be even nicer to everyone more, go that extra mile, help out more, laugh more, create new friendships, enjoy the old ones even more. I think thats why I love what I do because I can help people on a personal level improve their lives and coach them, teach them the tools they need do succeed on their own. I want people to say ” Man I miss Bryan, he was one helluva guy and he taught me so much. He was always honest, smiling and positive. I wish there were more people like him around.”

Partly why I think its nice to be open and honest with everyone. Treat them fairly, honestly and sincerely and it will all come back around in the end. So go out and enjoy life to its fullest, try new things, create new memories, go new places and see new things before time runs out on ya. There is more to life than work and watching TV, enjoy those precious moments with your kids and loved ones. Try to vary from your usual everyday routine (myself included) and do something new and fulfilling everyday. Go to that store you always wanted to go to, that vacation you always wanted to take or that friend you always wanted to visit. Make those memories.  We all say we don’t have enough time or money but those are only small obstacles in the game of life, besides life goes by soo fast, it goes by in a dash.

Peace and lots of love everyone.


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