The Winners

One of my favorite poems:

The Winners

We all look up to the Winners
Those who stand above the rest
We long to be numbered among them
To prove to the world we’re the best

We struggle and strive – we give it our all
Pay the price – do whatever it takes
When we come up short, We get up and go on
Having learned from our mistakes

And then… When we get to be Winners
When that circle we finally join…
We learn a lesson all Winners must learn
There are two sides to every coin

We learn when we win – When we’re at the top
The prize is ours just for today
With each new dawn, there’ll be someone along
Who’ll be trying to take it away

When we win and prove that we’re the best
That isn’t the end, because then
We’ve got to go back tomorrow…
And prove it all over again


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